james landis
july 2, 2003
3 am mst
Rereading was a wond'rous thing
At first with all the joy it'd bring
Those first few weeks of talks with you
Were playful, fun, and tinged with blue

So soon things started heating up
We drank so deep from pleasure's cup
That going over every line
I longed again to make you mine

And all the while we somehow knew
Our feelings for each other grew
Surprisingly this perfect day
We said the things we longed to say

Yet now rereading feels to me
Quite different than it used to be
Though still it's wonderful to read
I'm feeling such a different need

There's so much more behind us now
Yet even more ahead somehow
Instead of wanting to look back
All I can see is down the track

Imagine if you saw me kneel
And that is close to how I feel
I promised you I'd tell you so
And though it saddens me to go

I know that soon I'll be at home
And when my thoughts begin to roam
I'll grab that phone and make a call
You'll answer in no time at all

And then I'll prove to you again
Why I'm not like those other men
Though that's less than one week away
I still wished that you'd stay today

That's why I kept on saying 'hi'
I wanted to avoid goodbye
It's even hard to end this rhyme
But glancing over at the time

I think I might switch back to prose
That little voice inside me knows
This time of night is when it's best
To get things off this (hairy) chest

And though I've said a lot so far
About what all my feelings are
I still don't think I've truly said
All of the thoughts inside my head

In fact I might not ever be
Quite able to express to thee
How much you've fueled my love for life
And though you're someone else's wife

I'm glad for every single hour
My gorgeous red-haired peachy flower
I think that I'm in love with you
And hope and pray that wish comes true...