'Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple
and learn how to handle them,
and pretty soon you have a dozen.'

- Steinbeck

mutable..... .... ... .. . .  .   .    .
sessile..... .... ... .. . .  .   .    .

Here are three snapshots of convalescence and coalescence. Healing is just growing together again after being broken to pieces. Small wonder the words are so similar.

Things begin grimly. The second person heightens (or lowers) the accusatory tone. I don't really like this one, except on merit, but the process has to start somewhere.

ghosttrap.pdf (removed)

The Den is one of my favorites. I took a little bit of creative license with this one, but it's still totally within the bounds of how our best bittersweet memories caramelize over time.


Not every deep wound heals with a scar. Broken bones even heal stronger than they were before. It took me almost two and a half years to recover, but the first time is usually the hardest. Then the nerves start to go numb.


It's sad that I don't often get inspired to write about the good stuff, though inspired really isn't the right word. Plenty of artistic expression is fueled by the good, but this artist has a hard time sitting around and writing when there are good times to be had. I write on downtime.

As part of the process, if you're lucky, you get the chance to understand how the things you say and do during the process actually affect other people. I was lucky enough to get understand how much the things I wrote when I was hurting could hurt someone I wrote them about. While it bothers my sense of order to edit out step one of this process, it would bother me even more to leave something out there for the whole world to see that says so many negative things about someone I love so much. To hell with continuity - I don't want to be measured poorly on the scale of how much pain and joy I spread.


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