Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW c. 2002

Mon, 24 Jan 2005 5:30 AM (GMT+0000)

Nothing worse than an empty journal staring back at you. And by you, I mean me. Anyway. Obviously it's late.

There needs to be some new equivalent to christening, updated for the Web. Not really such a good idea to bust open a bottle of Cris on the rack. It just gets under the tiles and all the cables get stuck together. Can't really crack it on the back of some tech monkey's skull, either; that just leads to all kinds of legal hassles.

I guess a personal Web site doesn't have quite enough grandeur to warrant such a celebration, anyway. Probably best that it sneak quietly unannounced out of the void only to be raped and pillaged by Google within twenty-four hours. As long as the script kiddies don't get it first. Happens too often for Attrition's defacement list to stay caught up, these days. Hopefully The Swerve keeps my server locked down.

Go forth and draw spam, my little Frankenstein.


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