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Mon, 22 Aug 2005 4:08 PM (GMT+0000) 
by krissy <kristintgifgirl at yahoo dot com>
July 05

How to bring myself to be able to express my thoughts of you? The ability to understand you completely is something I dont believe that I will ever accomplish. You are an incredibly complex individual-yet maybe it's your complexity that intrigues me so.

I envy your creative outlet in which you seem to deal with your inner demons, past pain and joy. If only I would have chosen a means to deal with mine I might feel superior in that department. Then again, we all seem to be scared and wounded to varying degrees. It is in the aptitude to share our fears and dreams that we begin to heal. Thanks for listening and understanding.

Your PASSION inspires me! Although that statement sees a bit corny, its true. You have made me thirsty to search for those passions that I use to thrive on.

Remember, learning lifes lesson early doesn't make it any easier when they come back around. It simply makes it a bit more bearable.

May your journey in life bring to you to your rightful destination
Tue, 18 Jul 2006 2:45 PM (GMT+0000) 
by br0ken <lies at cox dot net>
do you know me?
you will : )
Mon, 04 Jun 2007 10:43 PM (GMT+0000) 
by 2nd Guesser <d2ndguesser at yahoo dot com>
What is it that makes us so unable to be content? There is instant content that soon fades as if it were never present, but where does it go exactly? Does it disappear with laziness? Why does content seem to die like a thirsty plant? The unnoticed plant because it isn't spring and there are no flowers on it to be noticed? It leaves so suddenly. Like all of a sudden you're unhappy, and you look back and never saw the road that got you there. Go ahead and look for the road back, it's gone. Contentment, when you have it it's precious...so why don't I treat it that way? Water it, prune it, tend to it, bend to it, notice it's beauty in the off season....it is so much like a dying plant that it comes to a point of no return. The dying plant often still dies.

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