Where the spirit does not
work with the hand,
there is no art.

- Leonardo da Vinci

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I can't remember what I could have possibly needed a card counter for back when I was still programming in Pascal. Maybe I was using it playing Hearts on the MS Internet Gaming Zone. that was of course before MS required Passport to log into it and I let my account die. I had some pretty good stats by then, too.

One thing I've noticed is that I do a whole lot better when I'm not using the counter. Without it, I pay a lot more attention to the game, so I know who's short-suited in what, who's about to be short suited, where the queen is, etc...I keep much better track in my head. The few times when I could lead the bitch knowing only the As or Ks was left barely registered against the amount of times I lost stuck with the lead for failing to dump the right suit while not paying attention.

This one is severely ghetto, but I'm not really worried about the lamers getting a hold of it because unfortunately there are so many card counters out there that keep track of the cards for you rather than having to do it yourself that they wouldn't bother keeping it. No one cares about disk space anymore, but this one is only 25k.

counter.pas counter.exe

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